Budget Brand Building


You are likely familiar with the multifaceted term branding and it’s importance.  It’s the association consumers make with our business, in other words – our reputation.  Many small business owners look forward to the development stages of branding, but don’t know where to start. Others may be overwhelmed by the various aspects of the development stages and the costs that can be associated with it. Here are a few cost effective tips to get you started.

Distinguish yourself

Just like you, your brand has its own style and identity. A simple experiment with adjectives can get the ball rolling quickly. Choose three adjectives that you feel best describe your business. Ask a few employees or colleagues to do the same. Focus on the distinction between the two different perceptions.

Contrasting and similar describing words should both be carefully examined.

Investigate your identity

Gather any and all of your marketing collateral. Sift through your social media pages,website and blog.  Look for any presence of the adjectives you listed previously. You don’t need a tagline to make this work. It can be as simple as consistently describing the feeling or experience you want your customers to have with your product or service. (note: just using the same words repeatedly isn’t enough. Think of ways to echo the perception through shared media, storytelling, video, testimonials, etc).

Build consistency

You might already have a logo, storefront signage or business cards that consist of typographic styles and components. Consider elements, and colour choices that compliment your existing brand components. It’s also crucial that your message is consistent and clear. Are you promoting customer service on your print ads and competitive pricing on your social media? Be decisive about what you promote.

Social sharing

Posting quick updates on Facebook is a good way to retain consumer awareness. Posting something your followers can respond to and take part is better. Also try adding your text and logo to a relevant image once in a while, rather than sending out sales speak text posts week after week.